Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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It all begins with a vision: (Think On Paper)

It's important as a leader that you exemplify clarity of purpose. Leadership is a ongoing game of follow the leader. Your constituents will mirror your behavior if you want progress and clarity of purpose from your team, you must have an outstanding degree of it.

“More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity”~Francois Gautier

Vision - the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be; a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation.

Start with a vision of: (write in great detail); for starters:

What are the characteristics of the type of person would you like to become?
What are the characteristics of the type of leader do you want to become?
What type of skill set, knowledge or competencies would you like to acquire?
What would you like accomplish?
What are the characteristics of your appearance to others?

Think long and hard about this because these will mark the beginnings of your personal leadership style; this will answer the question: Why should anyone follow you?

Next, look at your relationships with key stakeholders; develop a vision for the value you will contribute to each individual.

Develop a vision for each key stakeholders; what is your vision for them?

Third, dissect your operation. Think results when you look at each part, and ask what should this process produce? and What is the maximum this process is capable of producing?

Organizational Leadership (Leading of key stakeholders)

Marketing (campaigning or outreach)

Finance (revenue)

Management (Management of resources)

Client Fulfillment (meeting/exceeding expectations)

Lead Conversion (retaining people)

Lead Generation (Getting people interested in offering)

After you have these visions written down, read one vision per day, lock this into your subconscious - allow it to become a mantra for you, think about it and evolve it. You will soon witness the power of intention, in the details of your leadership; and leadership is about sweating the small stuff.