Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Transformational Leadership:

Transformation Leadership begins with transforming yourself. First things first, you have to have followers if you want to be a leader. Being a leader denotes, someone is following, even if it’s just you.

The Basics: these thoughts in the form of questions will just help steer you toward the starting gate.

How big is your dream?

How are your listening skills with those around you?

Are you results oriented?

Are you action oriented?

How disciplined are you?

Do you invest in becoming better and more knowledgeable in those items you desire to lead in?

How much time do you spend investing in personal or professional development?

What is your purpose as a leader?

What is the vision or manifestation of your leadership?

Do you have a leader, mentor or coach to help you to lead?

When you grow your capacity to lead, you will find more opportunities to lead and when you find more opportunities to lead, you will grow your capacity to lead. This key is found in activity and in your ability to add value, to each life that finds itself in your care, even if only for a short time.